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Here is a list of some of the more frequent FAQ’s we get asked about Bagrak. If you don’t see your question on here then feel free to get in touch with us using the contact us page.

Will it fit my car?

Yes, providing your boot area measures between :  (width- minimum 763mm maximum 1350mm)  (depth – minimum 555mm maximum 1175mm.)

Do I need to make attachment holes in my car?

No, it is free standing

Can I move it from car to car?

Yes, providing it complies with our maximum/minimum measurements.

What colour is the Bagrak?

Titanium Grey

What colour are the supermarket bags?

Mid blue with an attractive white logo and environmental message ‘There is only one big blue’

Do we intend to offer additional bags?

Two are provided with the Bagrak kit and more are available via the website.  We will at a later date be offering more styles and colours creating a fashionable range complementing the Bagrak philosophy of re-using durable bags instead of throw away plastic bags ending up in landfill.

Will my Bagrak accept other types of bags?

Yes, most other types of bags, brief cases, laptops, cartons, paint tins, take away meals etc. can be attached to Bagrak by either their own handles, bungee cord or rope cordage. The attachment points are either the ‘cleat’ shaped hooks on the top edge or to the lattice holed Bagrak walls.  Tins of  approximately 2.5 litres will fit into the recess formed in the corner pieces and ‘tied in’ across the right angled corners.

Could Bagrak injure young children or pets?

No, there are no potential trap conditions or sharp edges.

My car boot is too small for Bagrak, but I also have a problem with spillage and damage when my bags fall over!

Email us with the make, model and size of your car boot.  We are considering making a ‘mini’ version if we have sufficient demand.

What are the aluminium tubes for?

These keep the Bagrak in position under braking as they are braced against the back seat.  Where they are able to touch the side walls of the boot they also assist the corner pieces in keeping the sides parallel.

What if I suddenly want to put a large suitcase or a golf bag into my boot?

Simply unscrew the grey nylon tube clamping screws by two turns, pull the tubes towards you and push the Bagrak frame to the rear of the boot thus reclaiming 90% of your original area. When you have finished simply reverse the procedure.

Is it difficult to fit?

No – no tools are required and by following the simple instructions it can be assembled and fitted in 10 minutes.